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Post by Lilionna on Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:16 pm

Name: Lilionna
Gender: Female
Specie: Wolf
Element: Ice
Rank: Queen

Appearance: Lilionna takes mostly to the typical look of an Elemental Ice. Her overcoat is a very light aqua blue hue, while her undercoat fades into a cool white. As the white travels down her legs to her paws, it changes to a pale gray that isn't very noticeable at first glance. Her build is large, which is normal for her element, and her fur itself is thick and long. Her eyes are a bright aquamarine blue, but they're so pale that they almost look white. She wears no cloth or clothing type on her body, but does wear the sacred necklace of her element. It's a long brown boiled leather strap with a crystal of Blue Ice. It symbolizes her royal and reigning status, and will be passed down to all future Elemental Ice Kings and Queens.
Personality (Optional): --

Mate: None
Offspring: None

Likes: Lilionna has a strong compassion for her family and her element. Her loyalty is unwavering, and she loves her reign. Politics and strategy is her forte. Because of this, she is respected highly and feared during times of war. She enjoys to assist in the training of Ice's army, for she knows that the abilities of Ice are strong and can be dangerous for everyone if not learned to control properly.
Dislikes: She strongly opposes dishonesty and traitors. If either cross her pass, trust that they won't be punished with mercy. In her heart, she has never really had a true disdain towards anybody, but can't help but not trust Fire. Not for anything they've done in the past, but something in her head tells her that Fire means danger for her element.
Disabilities (if any): None

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