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Post by Lilionna on Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:26 pm


- You may slightly adjust, completely adjust, or not adjust the Laws of your Element underneath your Element's board in the INFORMATION category
- You may only ADD new "places" or "territories" under the In-Character role-play boards of your Element. You may NOT delete any territories currently in the boards
- You may rule as you wish, it is your reign, and no one can tell you how to run the nation
- As a King/Queen of Initium, you have responsibility. You are a website moderator. This means, you must always obey the site's rules and correct others who don't. With moderation abilities, you may LOCK, UNLOCK, DELETE, EDIT, and make STICKY posts. Do not abuse this privilege
- Only LOCK topics under the 'Player Registration' and 'Character Registraion'. Before locking, make sure that their posts are following the rules. If they are not, kindly tell the user their mistake and ask them to fix it
- Only UNLOCK topics if someone has asked you if they can edit something in one of their 'Player Registration' or 'Character Registration' topics. After a correct edit is made, please LOCK the topic once more
- Only DELETE a post if it breaks an extreme rule or if the user refuses to correct it
- Only make a STICKY post if you believe everyone who enters the board in which you post the STICKY should see, do not abuse this
- As King/Queens, you are always allowed to give breeding results to a couple in which at least one of the partners is from your Element, PM Lilionna with more information on how to generate results when need be

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