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Post by Lilionna on Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:32 am


Prey Animals
The Elemental Space territory is very mountainous, with both some plains and woodlands. The prey selection is numerous. Tydestrals in this area are goats, birds of prey, caribou, deer, moose, rodents, etc.

Main Economic Power
Space relies on most heavily on exporting goods like lumber or precious minerals and gems to other Elements. Their territory is the only with such a variety of jewels, all of which are mined out of the tall mountain ranges in this territory.

Summer Climate
In the summer months from June 21 to September 21, the climate in Space varies because of the different types of terrain, but the average temperature of the whole territory would be in the 80's or 90's during this time. Rain occasionally.

Autumn Climate
In the autumn months from September 21 to December 21, the climate drops quite a bit to an average of 40's or 50's around the territory. Rain level decreases.

Winter Climate
In the winter months from December 21 to March 21, the climate plummets in two ways. In the more mountainous region of the territory, the temp. goes to 0's or 10's, while everywhere else, it ventures to 20's or 30's. Snow often.

Spring Climate
In the spring months from March 21 to June 21, the temperature average around the whole territory carries up to 60's or 70's. Rain level increases dramatically.

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