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Post by Lilionna on Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:30 am


Lithe, tall, and strong, Coriolas bounded across the hills of Colles Ligna. Her legs outstretched in great bounds as her fur whipped in flurries on her body. The landscape around the coyote fem was dark and brooding, the rain fell down like soldiers behind the crackling and rumbling titan above. Lightning shot up from the Earth on all sides, their screams echoing through her body as she swished through the tall grass. No one could stop her here, this was a place of battle between lightning and ice, but no one could stop her.

"Wooooooooohoooo!" She bellowed as she sprinted along. Her pale yellow overcoat flapped wet above her skin, while her white undercoat clung to her belly like the young of a primate would hold to its mother. Coriolas was small for her element, only five feet at her shoulder. She'd been called a runt when she was a toddler, pushed around in the streets of Castle Fulguris. She'd left when she knew she could beneficially life alone, and was beginning her travels. Colles Ligna was the first place out of Elemental Lightning territory and seemed a good place to start if the coyote were to travel the whole world. Seven territories, and so many other areas that may not have even been discovered yet.

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