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Important Terms To Know

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Important Terms To Know

Post by Lilionna on Tue Jun 09, 2015 3:51 pm

There are some terms used in Initium RPG that you won't usually see out there beyond your computer screen, my mates. So pay attention!

Tydestral (tuh-DES-trul)
Definition: Animals around Initium that have less than 'human intelligence' or much less intelligence than our characters. These Tydestrals, are what our carnivorous characters hunt in Initium. Tydestrals are the size of how they would be in modern day Earth, again, unlike our characters.

Eternal Fire
Definition: Inextinguishable and ferocious fire that burns with a white color. Only the King and/or Queen of Elemental Fire can create/manipulate/extinguish this power. The only type of fire/lava/magma that can burn an Elemental Fire. Usually how the King and/or Queen executes criminals with the death sentence. Similar to Wild Fire in Game of Thrones for those that need a visual idea.

Hyacintho (hi-UH-sin-tho)
Definition: More commonly known as Blue Ice. Ice that shines an unnatural looking blue, unlike normal ice. It's harder and stronger than any diamond or metal the Earth could create. Only the King and/or Queen of Elemental Ice can create/manipulate/extinguish this power. When used in the structure of the Castro Glaciem, or around the necklace in which the royalty of Elemental Ice wears, the ice is harmless, but when used to attack, it is so cold it would freeze your skin hard and confuse your brain enough to feel like you were being burnt.

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