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G'em Character Profile

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G'em Character Profile

Post by Nkoroah on Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:32 pm

Name: G'em the Strider (pronounced like gem but the "G' is pronounced like the G in in get or give) Geh-m
Gender: Male
Species: Cheetah

Appearance:Pale greenish white fur with an ethereal shimmer, white underbelly, vibrant green eyes, white cloth wrappings around his paws and forelegs, sharp claws, lithe form, sparse spotted pelt.
Personality (Optional): Quiet, keen, cunning, clever, wise, kind, and neutral. He's nomadic and often neutral in wars or conflicts.


Likes: Cool breezes, hunting, running free across his windswept homeland, freedom to go as he pleases, and he's particularly fond of the Time and Water Element and their inhabitants.
Dislikes: Rigidness, strict rules, acts of malice, taking sides in morally compromising situations, the the Fire and Earth Elements.
Abilites: Dark vision, he can see in total darkness as if it were low light conditions. He cannot fly however he has a breeze-like stride to his gait which allows him to traverse difficult terrain with ease and agility, in addition his strides are completely silent. He's known for being one of the fastest animals on Initium, even able to keep up with a sprinting Time Elemental.


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