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Lapis Thalass

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Lapis Thalass

Post by Lapis Thalass on Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:34 pm

Name:Lapis Thalass
Specie: Ocelot
Element: Water

Appearance: She has a thin build under her light-blue fur. Though, that does not mean she doesn't have any muscle. She does but one cannot see it. Her eyes are large and a dark blue shade. There are stripes and spots that run along her body and face. She is about 5 ft at the shoulder. The common ocelot is about 2 ft.
Personality (Optional): Lapis is very kind and will get along with just about anybody. Most mistake her for being ignorant because of her kindness, in all actuality she is rather wise. Though, she can be naive and gullible around other beings and can be manipulated easily. She is hard to anger and is rather calm and stable, like the water she lives in. She never sees a reason to fight unless the reason worth fighting is dire. She's also rather quiet and prefers not to yell. The only time she will yell is if someone enrages her enough. She's also rather sensitive and she's not afraid to let out her emotions.


Likes: Reading, music, swimming (obviously), walking down the beach, playing with the young children in her kingdom, singing, and painting.
Dislikes:When others mistake her as ignorant, fighting among her comrades, anyone crying.
Lapis Thalass
Lapis Thalass

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